Feb 2013
Colchester North

May 2013

Expansion into Maitland and Clifton

June 2013
Expansion into Debert, Masstown, Glenholme, Little Dyke, Great Village, Spencers Point, Economy

July 2013

Expansion into Selma and Noel

May 2015
Expansion into Bridgetown Westward (Hwy 1 & Hwy 201)

September 2015

Expansion into Shortts Lake

November 2015

Expansion into Digby Eastward (Granville Road & Hwy 1)

December 2015

Expansion into Upper Clements Eastward

January 2016

Expansion into Parker Mountain Road

February 2016

Broadband comes to Valley, a bit at a time

July 2016

Upgrading the network to the latest AC technology

September 2016

Expansion into Clarence, Paradise, Lawrencetown

October 2016

Expansion into Mt. Hanley, Brooklyn, Middleton, Lily Lake

November 2016

Expansion into Point Prim, Victoria Beach

December 2016

Expansion into Spa Springs, Lily Lake Road, Middleton, Wilmot, Nictaux, Torbrook West, Bloomington

March 2017

NCS Network selected to be the WISP operator for Municipality of the County of Annapolis, Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Community Technology Network Association of Nova Scotia.

April 2017

Now operating state of the art small cell non line of sight technology to reach more homes and businesses.